Evaluation of the protective activity of different immunostimulatory drugs at the experimental trichinosis on white mice

  • Runeva Olga
  • Napisanova Liudmila
  • Zhdanova Olga
  • Berezhko Vera


The purpose of this study was assess the protective efficiency of homeopathic drug such as Cina C6cH and meglumineacridonacetate(cycloferon) against experimental trichinosis, that can affect the muscle phase of the parasite T. spiralis in mice. The maximum protection was obtained in mice immunized with cycloferon, the number of T. spiralis larvae detected in animals was 733.5±25.1 larva/per animal. The number of larvae detected in the group immunized by Cina C6cH was 2840,5±183,3. This was 6.1 and 1.6 times less than in the mice of control group (4485±430.6 larvae/mouse).