Proceedings of the XXXIII GIRI meeting


  • Adalberto von Ancken


It’s being quite a long journey until here. Although it seens we are not so far from the top, there is so much still to be done. Be invited by Drs. Leoni Bonamin and Francisco Eizayaga to be part of IJHDR editorial board team is a honor and a duty and i am happy to collaborate in this task, mainly in this issue, in which the Proceedings of the XXXIII GIRI meeting are presented. The search for the understanding of how high dilutions can restart steady patterns in biological systems have never been so clear and direct face the high-quality level results described on the XXXIII GIRI meeting on last June, helded in London. Through physicochemical and biological models, this new issue highlights basic research on isopathics, immunostimulatory effects and also physical studies of homeopathic potencies, using solvatochromic dyes, micro-evaporation and other methods as tools. Theoretical approaches were also considered, such as the search for the vital force evidences, as well as clinical studies concerning the Zika virus and dental caries in Brazil and anti-age therapy in Russia. So let us feel delighted in this present and celebrate our learning, because the high dilutions provides endless possibilities.