Homeopathic Treatment of Rectal Prolapse in a Kitten

A case report


  • Dr Saurav Arora
  • Dr SS Makker Retd. Joint Director, Animal Husbandry Department, Govt. of Punjab




Rectal Prolapse, Veterinary Homeopathy, alternative therapy


Rectal prolapse be either partial or incomplete in nature and is defined as double layer evagination of the rectum through the anal canal. The common associated causations which can be seen in kittens are severe endoparasitism, enteritis, and associated tenesmus (Fossum, 2002). Rectal prolapse is the one of the most encountered surgical conditions involving the rectum in all domestic animal species (Tyagi and Singh, 1993). Surgical intervention is the most common treatment methodology adopted but however, in cases where surgery is not indicated, required, not opted by the owner, becomes a challenge to treat. Therefore, finding alternative therapies for clinical management is the need of hour. The objective of this study is to report successful management of rectal prolapse in a 5-month-old kitten having 4 episodes of prolapse in five days. The homeopathic medicines used in this case were Sepia 200C and Ruta g. 200C. The patient revealed a favourable response by 2nd day of the treatment and complete healing was observed on 7th day. This therapeutic protocol used was conclusive and it re-established the normal intake of food and energy level. Hence, homeopathic treatment can be considered as an alternative therapy for clinical management of rectal prolapse in a Felines and Canines.




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Arora, S., & Makker, S. S. (2022). Homeopathic Treatment of Rectal Prolapse in a Kitten: A case report. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 20(4), 06–10. https://doi.org/10.51910/ijhdr.v20i4.1109



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