The Study of comparative efficacy of the phytotherapeutic complex against nematodes of mice


  • Olga Borisovna Zhdanova



T. spiralis, Aspiculuris tetraptera, Cina, phytotherapy


The purpose of the research is studying the efficacy of the phytotherapeutic , and homeopathic drug. Phytotherapeutic drugs have been widely used in parasitology for many years.  Also, homeopathic drugs such as Cina have anti-helmintic properties. The possibility of using phytotherapeutic and high dilutions drugs during in the treatment of nematodosis disease has been studied.  Two experimental parasitological disease models (aspiculuriosis and trichinelosis) were used. Trichinelosis is a common model of nematodosis of mice [1,2]. Aspiculuris tetraptera a pinworm of mice, is an important parasite in institutions with mice colonies for both research and teaching purposes. The infection is generally asymptomatic. This study aimed at to assess the protective efficiency of homeopathic drug such as Cina C6cH, sphagnum and its complex against experimental trichinosis and aspiculuriosis .

An assay was carried out on 80 white outbred mice. These were divided into 6 groups of ten mice each. Group 1 and 4 had sphagnum q.s. per os; group 2 and 5 - desoldering dissolved in water Cina C6cH one time a day per os, the group 3 and 6 received complex sphagnum+ Cina C6cH one time a day per os. The groups 1-3 were inoculated with a dose of 80 ± 5 units of T. spiralis larva per mouse, groups 4-6 had spontaneous aspiculuriosis, group 7 had T. spiralis , group 8 had Aspiculuris tetraptera. After 60 days of trichinellosis incubation, process the mice were euthanized and dissected for evaluation. Maximum protection was obtained in the group of mice 3: T. spiralis detected larvae in animals was 650.5±25.1 larva/animal. Group N2 (Cina C6cH)  presented 2840.5±183.3 larva/animal. This was less than control group (4485±430.6 larva/mouse). Also groups 4-6 of mice with aspiculuriosis showed 75%, 80% and 86% efficacy against nematodes.

Author Biography

Olga Borisovna Zhdanova

1Department of Histology, Embryology and Cytology of Stomatologic (Dentistry) Faculty KSMA




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