Putative protective effect of Cadmium chloride highdiluted solution on LLC-PK1 cell intoxicated by high concentration of this same metal: an isopathic in vitro assay.


  • Roberta Ghilosso Bortolini
  • Leoni Villano Bonamin
  • Carla Holandino


Cadmium toxicity, High dilution, Isopathy, Cell adaptation, Homeopathy


Cadmium is an important toxic environmental heavy metal. Several studies have demonstrated that a major site of cadmium toxicity in humans and in other animals is the proximal tubule of the kidney. A well established model for nefrotoxicity is the use of in vitro technique with proximal tubule epithelial cell lines, as LLC-PK1. Herein, we have the intention to study the possible protective effect of highdiluted CdCl2 solutions. In a blinding way, LLC-PK1 cells were pre-treated with highdiluted cadmium chloride in the potencies 10 cH, 15 cH and 20cH. After 4 days, these cells have received CdCl2 in a pre-determined toxic concentration. The cell viability was assessed by MTT assay. We have identified a protective effect of two CdCl2 highdiluted solutions, 10 cH and 20 cH, when cells were intoxicated by sublethal CdCl2 concentration. The results indicate that probably the highdilutions have an expressive action on cells in sublethal intoxication.






Basic Research (Biology)

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