Storm after the calm!


  • Carlos Renato Zacharias UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista




To work with or to research on subjects related to Homeopathy and High Dilutions was never a monotonous activity! At all moment skeptics and believers are discussing about clinical and experimental proofs to validate the phenomenon behind the high dilutions. Independently how structured are their reasoning, and which part is attacking, the counterpart can always neutralize the discussion using the same antidote: the intrinsic uncertain provided by statistical methods, converging to an endless technical tie. For recent examples, we can cite the UK Parliament discussion, the attempt of collective suicide by skeptics and the Belgium KCE report. I agree they had consequences, but not enough to stop the polemics or this scenario. Behind and beyond all these discussion there is an important consensus: no one knows how a HD acts or even whether it really works or whether we are dealing with experimental artifacts! Each side has its beliefs and answers. However, we can extract an ironical consequence from that: the fight between the practitioners and politicians, believers and skeptics, is the motivation and the fuel for the researchers!! What a beautiful opportunity to challenge with a potentially new phenomenon! The mind storming we are submitted should be taken as the basal state, a cyclical behavior own of this field. Cycles will repeat no matter the Science might be able to bring new theories, models, experiments, concepts, etc, about HD, to explain it or to refuse such hypothetical phenomenon! Storms are cyclical and the winds can take us to new possibilities! And the calm period is very useful to repair or even redesign our structures and skills, preparing us to the next storm! But not to eliminate them! I consider we are living a calm period, on which we should take a deep breath and relax to observe where the winds have brought us, what new possibilities we have, what challenges we must deal with! This current IJHDR’s issue and the next one will be an invitation to a break to meditation. IJHDR will publish the scientific contributions submitted to the GIRI (Groupe International de Recherche sur l’Infinitesimal) Symposia. The GIRI was created in 1986 aiming to bring together pharmacologists, biologists, physicians, chemists, physicists and other professionals to keep in touch, to exchange experiences and develop joint research projects about the biological effects of high dilutions, Homeopathy included. In the current issue, IJHDR will publish 17 contributions presented on 2010 (Monaco) and in the next issues, more than 50 contributions submitted to the XXV GIRI Symposium (September 2011, Brazil). This way, IJHDR exerts its mission as a vehicle to share open access high quality information about research in HD. Enjoy the calm, because new storms are coming!

Author Biography

Carlos Renato Zacharias, UNESP - Univ Estadual Paulista

Physicist (PhD), Department of Physics and Chemistry, Engineering Faculty, São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil. Involved with HD reasearch since 1992. Member of the Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors (ABEC) and of the GIRI Board.


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