Designs for research of High Dilutons in animal models: an update


  • Adrian Alecu University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Romeo Brezeanu University of Medicine and Pharmacy


High dilutions, Experimental models, Pathogenetic similarity, Placebo-controlled, Statistical significance.


This article discusses the series of tests on animal experimental models carried out by our group to evaluate the effect of homeopathic preparations selected according to traditional criteria of pathogenetic similarity. Our overall experience indicates that it is not difficult to carry out experimental studies assaying homeopathic medicines in randomized placebo-controlled tests returning statistically analyzable results. The basic requirement for this purpose is to select validated experimental models. The simplest and most reliable ones are the ones arising from common daily clinical practice or those taken from classical pharmacological studies modified as to fit the goals of a homeopathic assay. By proceeding in this way it will be possible to build a sound body of evidence for the biological effects of high dilutions.

Author Biography

Adrian Alecu, University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Physicist (PhD), Department of Physics and Chemistry, Engineering Faculty, São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil. Involved with HD reasearch since 1992. Member of the Brazilian Association of Scientific Editors (ABEC) and of the GIRI Board.