Mechanisms of medicine-induced effect on organism


  • Anatoly Alekseyevich Komissarenko



One of the key issues in modern medicine-based therapy is the mechanisms of medicine-induced effects on the body. The generally acknowledged chemical paradigm can’t offer an explanation for the therapeutic effect, in case of treatment with ultra-high diluted (UHD) medicines. At the same time studies of the homeopathic phenomenon elicited the electromagnetic wave nature of the interaction between drugs (including allopathic medicines) and the organism. Correspondence of the medicine and gene wave indicators leads to the resonance of the waves and stimulates attenuated genetic activity demonstrating a therapeutic effect. Wave actions of an allopathic remedy target a certain weak gene, the weakness of which causes a certain symptom. The gene activation results in the symptom elimination which is symptomatic treatment. Homeopathic preparations have an effect on control centres containing a certain set of genes. Stimulation of such centres leads to normalization of the functions of a relevant body system, as well as of the biochemical processes controlled by the centre. On the other hand, counter-propagating amplitudes of medication waves and pathogenic beams helps to reduce their effect and stop the disease process. UHD of medicinal substances used in homeopathy demonstrates coherency - phase shift of the preparation wave. Its value is essential for the homeopathic phenomenon realization as it allows approximation of the medicine wave indicators to those of the ‘target’. Therefore, today’s level of scientific apprehension of a medicine healing effect on the organism, as well as subsequent studies and active implementation of obtained study results into practical work make it possible to identify a way out of the critical situation, which exists in the modern medication-based therapy, ensure medicine-based therapy efficiency and optimize costs of therapy and prevention of many diseases. Keywords: homeopathic phenomenon, coherency, mechanisms of medicine-induced effect on organism, wave actions, gene, therapeutic effect.

Author Biography

Anatoly Alekseyevich Komissarenko

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Nature Sciences.