Effect of Zincum metallicum and LPS treatments on femoral bone density in pregnant mice


  • Silvio Leite Monteiro da Silva Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Southeast of Minas Gerais State
  • Maristela Dutra Correa
  • Claudio Costa
  • Vanessa Gallego Arias Pecorari
  • Emiko Saito Arita
  • Maria Martha Bernardi
  • Carla Holandino
  • Leoni Villano Bonamin




perinatal, BALB/C, mice, Zincum metallicum, LPS, bone, femur, density, dimorphism


Background: The simulated bacterial infection is a classical experimental model, by the injection of purified gram negative bacteria wall lipopolysaccharide (LPS) which produces effects similar to real infection, but without presence of the microorganism. The LPS is a stress factor as during the pregnancy and delivery, and pilot experiments have shown that ultra-high dilutions (UHD) may have a beneficial role in reducing the LPS stress. Zincum metallicum (Zm) has a potential to influence several physiological aspects of a living organism. It was chosen by a team of researchers from GIRI, to explore the effect of Zm on various experimental model (Zincum project). The optical density is a radiographic method for the measurement of the amount of hard bone tissue, and is an accessible, simple and non-invasive method. It is hypothesized that UHD Zm may influence the Zinc metabolism, therefore, bone tissues were collected to evaluate the zinc concentration.

Author Biography

Silvio Leite Monteiro da Silva, Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Southeast of Minas Gerais State

Master's at Pathological Anatomy and Clinical Pathology from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2010) and bachelor's at Veterinary from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (2004). He is currently veterinarian at Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Sudeste de Minas Gerais – Rio Pomba campus. Has experience in Veterinary Medicine, acting on the following subjects: Homeopathy, Self-Organizing Factors, research and clinics of farm and pet animals.




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