Examination regarding the tolerability of the homochord Acidum L(+)-lacticum at a dosage of sixty drops three times daily


  • Dieter Sonntag




homochord, Acidum L( )-lacticum, drug safety, therapists survey


In Germany, the commission D recommends in its current dosage guidelines from March 17, 2004, that homeopathic dilutions higher than 24x will be prescribed in a daily application of five drops once. This recommendation is decisive for the German Regulatory Authority. Even though the homochord Acidum L(+)-lacticum 4x/6x/12x/30x/200x contains dilutions above 24x, it is commonly used in clinical practice for over 30 years in a dosage of 60 drops three times daily. In order to explore the clinical safety and tolerability of Acidum L(+)-lacticum 4x/6x/12x/30x/200x at a dosage of 60 drops three times daily, as well as lower dosages, a therapist survey was designed to address the questions. Highly experienced and licensed therapists, including general and alternative practitioners, reported their usual dosage of homochord, incidences of drug reactions, initial homeopathic aggravations as well as the diagnoses that led to the prescription of Acidum L(+)-lacticum 4x/6x/12x/30x/200x. 167 therapist responses were analyzed. Only four therapists reported occurrences that classify as initial aggravation, (2.40 %), compared to 159 with no incidences (95.21 %). Four therapists made no statement. Nevertheless, there were no adverse drug reactions documented in the survey. Consequently, Acidum L(+)-lacticum 4x/6x/12x/30x/200x at a dosage of 60 drops three times daily or lower dosages may be construed to be clinically tolerable and safe. This evidence might lead to further re-evaluations of other homochords, and rigorous clinical trials for its safety and tolerability.






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