Raman spectroscopy shows difference in drugs at ultra high dilution prepared with stepwise mechanical agitation


  • Tandra Sarkar IIEST,Shibpur,Howrah,Westbengal,India
  • Atheni Konar IIEST,Shibpur,Howrah,Westbengal,India
  • Nirmal Chandra Sukul Viswa-Bharati,santiniketan,westbengal,India
  • Dipanwita Majumdar Bose Institute,kolkata,India
  • Achintya Singha Bose Institute,kolkata,India
  • Anirban Sukul Sukul Institute of Homeopathy




high dilution, homeopathy


Abstract Objective The present study aims at deciphering the nature of the water structure in two drugs at ultra high dilution (HD) by Laser Raman Spectroscopy. Method Two drugs like Sulphur and Natrum mur and their three high dilutions 30cH, 200cH and 1000cH were selected for the study. The 30cH means dilution 1060 with mechanical agitation in 30 steps.Raman spectra of the drugs and their medium (90%ethanol)were obtained in the wave number region of 2600-3800 cm-1. The intensity ratio at vibration frequencies between 3220 and 3420 (R1) and that between 3620 and 3420 (R2) were calculated for each HD as well as the control. Results Raman spectra show differences in intensities in different HD’s and their control in the stretching vibrations of CH and OH groups. The three HD’s of each drug show inverse relationship with respect to the R1 values. However, for R2 the relationship of HD’s for each drug is positive. Conclusion R1 provides information about the relative number of OH groups with strong and weak hydrogen bonds. R2 suggests the relative number of OH groups with broken and weak hydrogen bonds. Judged from R1 values the lower is the rank of HD, the stronger is the H-bond of the OH groups. In the light of R2 values the higher is the HD rank the more abundant is the free OH groups. So, hydrogen bond strength and free OH groups together make an effective HD rank relating to Sulphur and Natrum mur.

Author Biographies

Tandra Sarkar, IIEST,Shibpur,Howrah,Westbengal,India


Atheni Konar, IIEST,Shibpur,Howrah,Westbengal,India


Nirmal Chandra Sukul, Viswa-Bharati,santiniketan,westbengal,India


Dipanwita Majumdar, Bose Institute,kolkata,India


Achintya Singha, Bose Institute,kolkata,India


Anirban Sukul, Sukul Institute of Homeopathy





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Sarkar, T., Konar, A., Sukul, N. C., Majumdar, D., Singha, A., & Sukul, A. (2021). Raman spectroscopy shows difference in drugs at ultra high dilution prepared with stepwise mechanical agitation. International Journal of High Dilution Research - ISSN 1982-6206, 15(1), 2–9. https://doi.org/10.51910/ijhdr.v15i1.811



Fundamental Research (Physics and Chemistry)

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