Outcomes and effects of homeopathic treatment of malaria in Kenya, a multi-centre study


  • Martien Brands centre integrative care
  • Suzanne van Berkel
  • Julius Wambua


malaria, homeopathy, artemether, comparative study, cohort study, plasmodium, ORIDL


Abstract. In Kenya malaria is the leading cause for illness and death; homeopathy is used for many years to treat this disease. A previous study in Ghana in 1996, showed comparable effects of homeopathy and chloroquine. Methods: In three studies we documented homeopathic treatment in a retrospective qualitative study, a prospective single arm study, and a comparison between one cohort receiving homeopathic treatment and the other artemether. Results: In the qualitative retrospective study (2014) (n=54), we related typical malaria and individual symptoms, with remedy prescriptions and affected organs. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) showed, that specific remedies were prescribed for patterns of affected organs . In the prospective study (2014) (n=70), the primary outcome was the parasitological status at the first follow up (median 8 days), secondary outcome was the quality of life measure with Outcome Related to Impact on Daily Life. In the third study, of the group (n=79) (b) exposed to homeopathy, n=6 (a) were still parasite-positive after one week, in the control (co-artem) group of n=35 (c) no patient was positive (d). The odds ratio was 5.8068 (95% CI 0.3183 – 105.8794), with z = 1.187 and P = 0.2352. The difference was not statistically significant; homeopathic remedies and coartem tablets had similar effect for uncomplicated malaria in that region. Co-morbidity was treated with different remedies. Conclusion: Homeopathic treatment can be used as a valuable option, also when other treatments are ineffective by microbial resistance, not indicated (as in pregnancy) and financially not affordable. Key words: malaria, homeopathy, artemether, comparative study, cohort study, plasmodium, ORIDL

Author Biographies

Martien Brands, centre integrative care


Suzanne van Berkel

Classical Homeopath NVKH Emergency Assistance Office, ANWB, The Hague

Julius Wambua

clinic head Toru Health Clinic, in Kambi Mawe, and Clinic, in Wote. Makueni Subcounty, Kenya






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