The Preparation and standardization of Human papillomavirus (HPV) (Genotype 6) Nosode

Human papillomavirus (HPV) (Genotype 6) Nosode


  • Rajesh Shah Director: Life Force



Human papillomavirus, HPV, HPV (genotype 6) Nosode, nosode, potentization, homeopathy


INTRODUCTION The Homeopathy nosodes are the preparations sourced from organisms and diseased material such as warts and other cancerous tissues. The nosodes such as Psorinum (1826-30), Tuberculinum (1879), Medorrhinum (1880-85), Syphillinum (1880) and others have been in use in homeopathy practice since early 19th century. In the recent years, certain new nosodes such as HIV nosode, Hepatitis C nosode, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis nosode, Plasmodia Falciparum Nosode, Swine Flu and more have been systematically introduced. MATERIALS AND METHODS The scrapping and the tissues from the genital warts clusters were collected carefully and were tested for the evaluation of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) panel and HPV-DNA-PCR for screening high risk type followed by genotype determination. The collected tissue sample was processed as per the procedure defined developing the Nosodes, in the Homeopathy Pharmacopoeia of India. Sterility testing and PCR tests were carried out for safety purpose. RESULT Human papillomavirus (HPV Genotype 6) Nosode sourced from the genital wart tissues; detected positive for Human papillomavirus genotype 6 was prepared and standardized for future research and clinical exploration. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION The HPV (Genotype 6) nosode contained the whole organisms in pure form. The therapeutic potential of HPV (Genotype 6) Nosode may be explored against viral warts affecting the genitals, anus, mouth, and respiratory tract.






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