Homeopathic Treatment of Trauma, Abscess and Papillomatosis in Trachemys dorbigni


  • Bruna Scardoeli
  • Francine Brait Narita
  • Sônia Regina Pinheiro
  • Adalberto von Ancken
  • Cidéli de Paula Coelho


Background Mechanical trauma, bacterial and viral infections are common in Trachemys dorbigni when in captivity. Aims Report the evolution of homeopathic treatment in a patient of Trachemys dorbigni species. Methodology Homeopathic treatment was chosen, based on the principle of similitude, using Arnica montana due to its anti-inflammatory action, Avena sativa for the physical fatigue; Silicea to act in suppurative processes and Thuya occidentalis in papillomatosis. Results On 22/11/2018, with 1 month old, 6g, it presented lethargy, hyporexia, locomotor difficulty due to edema and necrotic process in the right anterior limb, presenting bad prognosis and possible limb loss. The protocol was 2 globules of Arnica montana 6CH, diluted in the contact water, every 8 hours, for 7 days and 2 globules of Avena sativa 6CH, every 12 hours, for 5 days. After 7 days, it was observed that the patient was active, normoretic, with weight gain and decreased edema and necrotic process of the right anterior limb, ruling out the amputation. On 29/12/2018, the patient presented a rigid abscess in the right cervical region, that adopted protocol with a single dose of 2 globules of Silicea 6CH and 2 globules of Arnica montana 6CH, diluted in the contact water, every 24 hours, for 4 days, until the return on 02/01/2019, with the complete regression. On 13/01/2019, it presented papillomas and plastron infection, which the proposed treatment was constituted with administration of 2 globules of Thuya occidentalis 12CH, diluted in the contact water, every 24 hours for 3 days, with total remission of the lesions occurring in 3 days. Conclusion Mechanical trauma, bacterial and viral infections can be controlled by homeopathic medicaments without the administration of antibiotic or surgeries, being fast, less harmful and with an affordable economic value.




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